Embrace The Cross (Week 1)




  • What is your favorite thing about spring?
  • What are some of your family/friends Easter traditions?
  • What does the cross mean to you?





Jesus sat at the “Last Supper” with his disciples the evening before He suffered. He looked forward to this specific Passover unlike any other because He knew this one was special. Jesus was aware that something old was passing away and a new thing was coming, and He was the center of it all. Jesus knew that His body was given and had to die to cast off the old and God would raise Him up to give the entire world something new – A Kingdom on earth without boundaries. And so, when Jesus was raised up, we were all raised up with Him in Christ Jesus. His old body paid for our sin and sickness, but His “new body” is US!

We- The Body of Christ are the new containers for His Spirit. We literally are His hands and feet here on earth and when something needs to be done Jesus looks to the body of Christ to move on His behalf.



  • Read Luke 22:14-19 This passage discusses Jesus sitting with His disciples for the last supper. He explains to them that He looked to this Passover unlike the others in the past He celebrated. He knows this one is significant. Why did Jesus feel different about this Passover? Why did Jesus state that He would not eat or drink in this same way again?
  • Read 1 Corinthians 11:23-30 Paul speaks of the revelation he received from the Lord. He recounts the night Jesus spoke to His disciples and instructed them how to eat of His body and drink of His blood in remembrance of Him. Paul also states if you eat or drink with the wrong attitude you can bring judgment upon yourself. This act he says can also open the door to weakness and sickness.  Why does Paul say it is important to remember Jesus in communion but also have the right attitude?  What does Paul mean when he says man should “examine himself”?
  • Read 1 Corinthians 15:35-44 Paul speaks of glorious bodies or “new bodies” in this passage. He states the description of when a seed goes into the ground and God allows it to grow into something new above the ground. The message states how in the same way Jesus’ body died in the natural container but the “new” container after God raised Him up is us. Discuss how we as the body of Christ are new “containers” for His Spirit. What are some of the things we are called to do as the “hands and feet” of Jesus here on earth? 



Ask your members if they have any prayer requests or praise reports. Remember Jesus as you participate in the exchange of communion and honor what He did for us all. This is a beautiful healing moment for us all as the body of Christ.