Embrace The Cross (Week 3)




  • What is your morning beverage of choice? (Coffee, tea or something else)
  • Are you an early bird or night owl?
  • What’s your favorite way to get in some exercise?





God announced in Genesis 8:22 in the aftermath of the flood that from that point on, there will be cycles on the earth. Seasons will leave but then will come back, night and day shall pass and return again and there will be seedtime and harvest time. The bible says the fruit yield according to its kind, which means the seed is in the fruit and will re-scatter itself. The fruit did not just appear on its own, there was a seed time for it. There are certain things we cannot do, since we can only reproduce according to our own kind. When parents look at their children, they will see glimpses of themselves, because they produced after their own kind. Producing after your own kind is not always a positive thing. Doctors ask questions to find patterns of sickness in families. The enemy comes in and tries to plant seeds that cause cycles of pain in families that affect generations. But we have the power to apply the blood of Jesus and break those cycles so they will no longer affect us or the generations in our families after us. 



  • Read Genesis 1:11-12 The bible says that seed will bring forth according to its kind. Plants and trees with fruit grew in the ground and made seeds inside itself. Each plant made its own kind and God said it was good.  God says that everything has a season including us. Do you know what season you are in? What seed are you intentionally sowing now to change your harvest for a new tomorrow? 
  • Read John 4:1-26 The bible speaks of the Samaritan woman also known as the “woman at the well” in this chapter. She had an encounter with Jesus, and He told her all about her life. Jesus told her if she drank from His water, she would never thirst again. He gave her an opportunity to break the cycle she was stuck in.   Have you ever struggled being stuck in a cycle? How did you finally break out of it? Or is this a cycle you are still struggling with? 
  • Read Genesis 5:1-3 The message says that Adam and Eve were living in blessing in the garden of Eden. All was well till they were tempted by the serpent. When sin entered in the garden, that brought curses to the earth. The enemy brought in cycles of sin to affect mankind. This still affects us today. This is the reason why the body of Christ is called to share the gospel and the goodness of God, to help people be delivered from cycles of pain in their lives. How can you help others to break cycles in their lives?  How can sharing our “cycle breaking” testimonies help others? 



Ask your members if they have any prayer requests or praise reports. Pray for one another to face cycles they may have in their life. Assign prayer partners/accountability partners within the group to share and pray for one another on to help break those cycles once and for all.