God’s People (Week 1)






(Read When Prompted)

  • Luke 21:7-19
  • Ephesians 4:11-17



  • Read Luke 21:7-19. The essence of this chapter is division and the signs of the end of days. But this message is not about the end times, it is about the people of God seeing division happen and doing something about it. In verse 13, God calls us to heal the division for our testimony. God intended his kingdom people to be proof of unity to the rest of the world. The division that we see everyday is for us to insert ourselves and be the voice of healing and peace. Is your life showing unity with everyone around you, especially those that think differently than you? 
  • Read Luke 21:19 again. We have a spirit, soul and body. When we got saved God possessed our spirit but we need to possess our soul. Our soul includes our mind, emotions, desires and passions. If we don’t possess our soul then we can become part of the problem. You can’t become part of the problem and try to fix it. There has to be people that don’t get caught up in the furor and look at things objectively. Instead of looking through the lens of what we were taught, view life from another person’s vantage point. You cannot be expected to change everything but you are expected to care, notice and be intentional. Were you raised with a divided culture? Is it easy for you to put yourself in other people’s shoes? 
  • There are 4 areas that need revelation and understanding for us to move forward in the right direction. Read Ephesians 4:11-17. #1 Change our leadership style. God gave the church 5 anointing’s for unity and we need to use all 5. But we have failed to use all 5 and how can the church bring unity if we are the most segregated? Jesus didn’t live a divided life; he was above people’s classifications and always left the crowd for the hurting one. #2 Be intentional. Multiculturalism is not natural therefore we need to be intentional. Start bringing multiculturalism in the way you lead others and to those you bring around you. If you want it you have to sow the seed before you can have it. How have you been intentional in multiculturalism?
  • #3 Have community involvement. Not everyone will have equal outcomes but we need to let everyone have the same opportunities to launce. Make sure you allow people around you to have an equal playing field. #4 The message. We need to abandon the church mindset and start living out the kingdom. Church’s are divided by color, denomination and class but there is no separation in the kingdom. The message of the kingdom destroys division, racial barriers and develops equity in the mind. How can we spread a kingdom message over a “church” message?



This week lets focus our prayers on truly being God’s people. We first have to change ourselves before changing the world around us. Pray for one another to live, act and love like kingdom people.