God’s People (Week 6)




  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
  • Have you ever been told you look like someone famous, who was it?
  • Coffee or tea?





(Read When Prompted)

  • Acts 17:23-26
  • Psalm 19:13
  • Matthew 24:7-14



  • Read Acts 17:23-26. In this story we find the Apostle Paul walking through Athens and letting the people know what he saw. In Biblical times, idols were man made by anything that they could get their hands on. The people of Athens had so many idols that they even made one to an “unknown God” but Paul knew that this was the one true God. The God that unites us through His blood. It’s not what we see on the outside that brings us together, but the blood that is inside each and every one of us. Read Leviticus 17:11. Why is it so important to be unified with others through the blood and not just ethnic, politics or even religious similarities?
  • Even though in Biblical times idols were man made, times have changed. The idols today are mental constructs that we make up and worship. There are people that live out certain lifestyles claiming that God is all right with the way they live but it is not biblical. We have to ask ourselves; do we worship Jesus that you made up in your mind or the Jesus of the Bible? Is the faith of your Christian walk something you constructed with your opinion or from the Bible? Read Psalm 19:13. David never wanted to fall to the presumptuous sin, which is thinking things of God that are not true. Search within yourself the morals you live by, are they biblical or something you made up yourself through experience? Is there something you believe that is on the border of the Bible and your own opinion?
  • The reason it is so important to live Biblically sound is because we are fighting spirits and demons of division. Color versus color, Democrat versus Republican, Family verses Family are fights that the enemy has started. These are principalities; demonic forces that rule in the spirit. We are wrestling mindsets and imaginations. Right now your fight against your brother or sister in Christ is all in your head. Read Matthew 24:7-14. There is a principle that is trying to bring the spirit of division and when we fight we are cowering to its power. The devils power is through suggestion. All he does is whisper something in our ear and we believe it for the rest of our lives. He uses strongholds (when you believe a lie to be true) and takes it out on your brother or sister in Christ. But it is up to us to rise above any principality or stronghold because we are ambassadors of the anointing of God. Since we are from the kingdom we need to live a life that is evident to that. Jesus came so we can be evidence producers of His power and kingdom. Does your life produce evidence of the kingdom?



Ask your group how you can pray for them this week. Let’s put our prayer focus on those people that need to do a heart inventory. Many people take what God says out of perspective and context, let’s pray that they go back to the true word of God to know him in a personal way.