God’s People (Week 9)




  • Beach, safari, or forest vacation?
  • Are there any specific animals you are afraid of? Why?
  • What was your favorite part of the God’s People sermon series?





(Read When Prompted)

  • 1 Peter 2:9-10 (KJV)
  • Matthew 5:13



  • To be part of God’s nation we have to be a part of it all the time. The kingdom is not a part time lifestyle; it is full time. If we are to come out of our past and the things that hold us back then the decision has to be final to be able to move forward. You’ll never have the kingdom is going back is still an option. You are chosen, royal, holy and peculiar and now it’s time to live that way.
  • Read 1 Peter 2:9-10. We are a chosen generation. God chose us and once we are saved and born again we become part of His nation. Being born again is a birthing from God that comes from His word and spirit to create His nation with His genealogy. But to be part of His kingdom we have to leave everything behind that is man made. We are a royal priesthood. We have a genealogy that came out of the word of God and now have access to Him on earth. What are some things that you had to leave behind when you got saved? 
  • We are a holy nation. Every race has a cultural distinctive which makes everyone else pre-judge that specific race because of their distinctive. Being God’s nation, He only wants us, no matter what color or race we are, to have only one distinctive: to be holy. Holy means separate and other. Read Matthew 5:13. To be holy we need to be the salt of the earth. To change the world we can’t be a part of worldly things. You can’t be them and change them. What is a cultural distinctive that you have that other people have pre-judged you on? How can you be the salt to those around you?
  • We are a peculiar people. Peculiar means different and strange. The price of being different is non-conformity. If you want to be different from the world you can’t conform. This often means that you will have very little friends however you will have a big impact. Being peculiar means you don’t do God’s work for claps; you do it for change. John the Baptist ate locusts and honey and would preach in the woods (Matthew 3:1-4). But people would leave their homes to listen to him. The church in Acts were so immersed in the spirit people thought they were drunk (Acts 2:1-13). God is not looking for perfection but people that are willing to step out of their confining parameters to let God’s greatness shine through them. Have you ever felt different and never knew why? Are you ready to step out of your parameters to live out God’s greatness?



Ask your group how you can pray for them this week. If anyone in your group has never received Jesus please pray with them so they can be born again. Also, pray for those people that feel different but don’t know why and that they find Jesus to fill that emptiness inside them.