When Jesus died his blood flowed down and Stained the earth, changing it forever. Ephesians 1:7 says, “We have Redemption through His Blood.” This Easter, Pastor Ron will show us the redemptive power of being Stained by the blood of Jesus. Get ready because Easter is about to get real!




MAIN SCRIPTURES (read when prompted)

  • Hebrews 9:22
  • Job 1:1-12
  • Psalm 34:7
  • Job 2:9-10
  • Job 23:9-12
  • Song of Solomon 2:6
  • Song of Solomon 8:3



  • Read Hebrews 9:22. During the Old Testament times, animals were used for sacrifice to atone the sins of the people. Instead of continuing with that tradition, God sent his only Son to earth to make the final sacrifice to atone the sins of the world. When the blood of Jesus was spilled on the earth, it was enough to purchase earth from its sinful state. God can fix a person and their whole world with a drop of his blood. The blood had to be shed for the removal of all sin. The blood provides the forgiveness of sin, redemption, salvation and healing. Read John 3:16-17. What has the blood of Jesus done
  • Besides the forgiveness of sin, redemption, salvation and healing, the blood also provides protection. This is something many people don’t talk about. Read Job 1:12. Job would shed blood to protect each of his children in case they sinned. Job never missed a moment to obey God. It’s easy to obey God when things are good, but do we still praise God when things are going bad? Job feared the Lord, so even through his hard times he stayed close to the Lord. Read Psalm 34:7. Those who fear God have a hedge around them. And those who have a hedge around them believe in the power of the blood. There is a correlation between the hedge and the blood. You cannot have the hedge without the blood. When satan removed his ability to sacrifice for his family, he attacked. Just think about this, what if the virus has struck our world because we’ve lost the importance of the blood? Is it easy for you to praise God through the bad times as it is in the good times? Read Job 2:9-10. How do you react when people tell you that God’s not real because you’re going through tough times?
  • Read Job 23:9-12. Just because we can’t see God doesn’t mean he is not around. Read Song of Solomon 2:6. On one hand you can see God but then the other one you can’t see but it is holding you up. Job was confused, he didn’t know why he was being targeted and his whole life was flipped upside down. He thought about possibly killing himself during his hardship, but he never cursed God. He knew that there was still the arm of God holding him up and would get him through it. You’re going to make it. No matter how things look in the present, there is an arm of God that you cannot see that is holding you up and will get you through this. Read Song of Solomon 8:3. Have you ever gotten through something not knowing where your strength came from? 



This week pray for people who have lost their strength to keep going. There is something redeemable about this time if we keep hunting for it. Pray for people to keep hunting, keep searching and keep looking for their redemption during their dark days.