Temptations (Week 5)




  • What is your most used emoji?
  • You have your own late night talk show, who do you invite as your first guest?
  • What fictional family would you be a member of?





In the beginning, Adam was created by God to rule the earth. But the enemy tempted him and he failed. Hundreds of years later Jesus was born to destroy the enemy and get back the keys of the kingdom. While Jesus was on earth he was tempted, just like we are everyday. However, Jesus never fell into temptation as we do sometimes. His spirit was much stronger than His flesh and He was aware of the enemy’s devices. No matter how strong a temptation is, we have the Holy Spirit in us to fight against it. We have the power in the word to fight against anything that tries to take us down.



  • Read Romans 8:13. Whatever you feed is the one thing that will triumph. What is your favorite bible verse and why?
  • Sin has a desire to not be a one-time event. The way to weaken desires is to strengthen the spirit man inside you. What is the best way you like to work out? How can you use your work out skills to strengthen your spirit? (ex. If someone loves to work out with music, they can strengthen their spirit by listening to worship music)
  • There are no excuses, only priorities. The Bible can no longer be a devotional book but a weapon to fight the enemy. How can the bible be a way to fight against any temptation you are battling? 
  • Read Matthew 4:1-11. Jesus didn’t argue with satan if the world was his to give. Since the first Adam forfeited the world, it was put in satan’s hands. But Jesus came to purchase it back and gave us the keys to the kingdom. How many keys do you have on your keychain? What would happen if you lost one of those keys?



Ask your members if they have any prayer requests. This week, pray for those people who are living with a weak spirit that are struggling to get strong. Ask the Lord to show them how to get strong and fight against the enemy.