Temptations (Week 6)




  • The zombie apocalypse is coming, who are 3 people you want on your team?
  • What was the worst style choice you ever made?
  • What did you name your first car?





As we wrap up this sermon series, Pastor Ron went through the most important points from the last 6 weeks. Temptation is not sin but it’s the enemy that tries to draw me into sin. If I do sin, it is part of 3 categories: Lust of the flesh, lust of the eye and the pride of life. That is why we need to study our weaknesses so we don’t get trapped into temptation but can fight against it. Usually when we sin it is from a longing inside of us that was never filled as a child. Therefore we are trying to fill that empty space. As an adult we don’t go to our parents to fill that but we need to go to God. And God gives us the strength and equipment to shut the door of any temptation for good. 



  • We need to know the word of God because if temptation presents itself, there’s a word to come against it. How do you prepare yourself for any exercise? Would you be able to play basketball with a golf ball?
  • Read James 1:12-15. The devil doesn’t make you sin but he manipulates the thing inside you. He’s hunting for your weakness. What are the things a hunter needs to remember to catch its prey? (ex. Wear camouflage, remain quiet) How does this compare to the enemy?
  • In John 4, the story of the woman at the well who had a longing that she couldn’t fill until Jesus came. She had an unmet need and many of those needs come from childhood emptiness. Every single adult problem is an unhealed childhood problem. How did knowing Jesus help you with unmet childhood needs? 
  • When we pinpoint our unmet needs or longings we can easily shut the door to temptation. Don’t get around people or situations that tempt you. Shut the door!  Have you ever eaten something so much it made your stomach hurt? How did you finally stop yourself? 



Ask your group if they have any prayer requests or praise reports. This week, pray for those people still struggling to fulfill longings in their heart. Let’s pray they go to the well and find Jesus to be the living water they’ve been searching for.