The New Variant (Week 4)

Week 4



  • Which translation of the bible do you love?
  • What’s your all-time favorite movie?
  • Are you right or left-handed?





Let’s take a look at planting vs. burial. Planting something doesn’t look much different from burial. The only difference between planning and burial is the expectation of what is being put in the soil. You must dig and place them in the ground in both situations, and the soil must cover them both. When you walk away from the body, you are getting rid of the dead thing, and there is no expectation. When you walk away from a buried seed, you walk away with an expectation that upon revisiting where you planted, something will come up shortly. And it always comes up more remarkable than what was put in the ground. Jesus was God’s seed, and He was not buried but planted into the belly of the earth. There was great expectation that He would be raised again in 3 days. Jesus returned greater, and it pleased God that because He planted His only begotten Son, it produced many sons and daughters all over the world!

That’s you, and that’s me! Hallelujah!



  • Read Mark 4:26-29 Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is like a man that should scatter on the ground.” The seed is the word of God, and the ground represents our heart. When we are in the word of God, our life is met with a “storm” or dilemma. When dealing with any of life’s difficulties, such as sickness, you should look to the healing scriptures in the bible. If you backslide into sin, you must find redeeming scriptures of grace and mercy. When you go to God with a need, He will give you a seed. If you know what to do with this seed, you will then receive answered prayer. Why is it important to speak God’s word back to Him? Why is it important to know what to do with the seed that God gave us for answered prayers?
  • Read Psalm 126:6 The psalmist speaks in this scripture that “He who continually goes forth weeping…” Sometimes when you are a seed bearer for sowing it is accompanied by weeping. The word of God can come into your life, but at times will bring tears with it. Do you have a story when something was birthed in your life through great pain and many tears?
  • Read Genesis 2:5-7 In the scriptures, God refused to send the rain because man was not yet created to manage the garden. Some of you may have seed (word) but you have not seen harvest because God is busy forming you. For everything there is a time and a season. Planting tomatoes can take a few weeks to grow, but if you want an oak tree, it could take 20 years! Great harvest takes great men and women to tend it! Speak life over our situations in life. Are you allowing God to prepare you for the things that you are asking for? Are you allowing Him to heal, stretch and prune you?
  • Read Luke 5:1-7 In the bible, Jesus told Simon to release his nets for a catch. Simon did not believe they would catch anything after they had not been successful all day. Jesus wanted to bless him, but Simon did not see it. He reluctantly let the nets down and was shocked to see the fish that were caught this time. Harvest was available with an unlimited supply, but it was met with low expectations. Peter missed what could have been a life changing blessing because he had low expectation. Are there things that you are asking God for, but you have low expectation that He will answer that prayer? Are there times with the Holy Spirit asks you if you believe what you are asking for?



Ask your members if they have any prayer requests or praise reports.

Ask Holy Spirit to reveal this week if there are any areas you are struggling with doubt or unbelief. Once these are identified, repent and ask God to help you to release it to Him.