Unseen (Week 2)




  • What’s your unknown hobby?
  • What’s your favorite scent?
  • Describe your dream holiday, if money was no limit?





When we use the keys of the Kingdom of God, it is like a house built on the Rock. Jesus said when we do not obey His teachings and commands, we are practicing lawlessness (without governing). This is like a house built on a foundation that will fall apart. The people who hear and do what the Lord has commanded are extending God’s rule in their lives. When we obey God’s word, we start to unlock heaven, and it will be released into our lives. When we create a corresponding action to what we heard, that is when the Kingdom of heaven will come down and change your life.



  • Read James 1:22-25. The bible says if anyone hears the word of God but is not a doer, he is deceiving himself. Those who respond to what they heard and are strengthened by it, they will experience God’s blessing in all that they do. What is something God recently told you to do? Have you put action into place yet, why or why not? 
  • Read James 2:18-20. James explains that you are a “hearer” and believe, but so do demons. He states that he will show his faith by his works – faith without works is dead. When you hear a message what are the things you remember most? What are some things that motivate you to move?
  • When we think of 2021, we may be thinking about our resolutions and habits we’d like to break. But the only way they will break is if we (not God) draw boundaries and correspond with action to what we’re believing for. What are some habits you’d like to break in 2021? How can you begin to draw boundaries to make sure you get what you are believing for?



Ask your members if they have any prayer requests or praise reports. This week pray for one another regarding the instruction of the Lord in your lives and how you can obey and become a “doer” of the word and not just a “hearer”. Take time to speak life and encourage one another.