Unseen (Week 4)




  • If you could choose a “forever” age, what age would that be?
  • What was the model of your first car?
  • Do you still remember the name of the street you grew up on?





God will allow us to set parameters to our faith. Jesus showed Thomas the nail prints in his hands when he would not believe otherwise. Jesus called out for Peter to “come” when he saw Him standing on the water. The woman with the issue of blood said as long as she could touch His garment she would be healed. Jesus met each of them within the parameters of their faith. Our job is to stop hindering the flow of faith by making God perform things before we are willing to believe.



  • Read Romans 4:17-20 When the Lord spoke to His servant Abraham about His promises, even though he looked at the facts around him, his faith in what God could do never wavered. Do you have unwavering faith such as Abraham regarding the promises of God in your life? Does faith waiver when times get tough?
  • Read James 1:8 The Bible speaks about the “double-minded” man who is unstable is all his ways. Are there some things you battle in your mind to believe God can and will change? Do you apply the word in your promise?
  • The Bible says “faith without works is dead.” What are some of the things you are actively doing in your daily life to get closer to your promise? Do you have an action plan in place or are you asking God for strategies to put in place?



Ask your members if they have any prayer requests or praise reports. This week pray that we are not only “hearers” of God’s promises, but we are “doers” and moving forward in faith toward the promises of God. Let us encourage one another to not look at the facts but have the faith that God will do what He said He would do.